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11:05pm 27/09/2004
  Unique name, i've never heard of it before, very nice [wink]. Anywho, i'm sitting, writing the substance of an update under the title of Alessandra. Yep, don't have much else to say. Voila, an update.  
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I reformatted my computer.   
08:16pm 14/09/2004
  It was the first step in my personal purging phase. It's nice to make sure everything is clean, and pure, and fresh. And it's nice to have alll my computer resources back.

Also, I picked Ray Bradbury's "The Golden Apples of the Sun (and other stories)" book today, it's an assortment of some pretty amazing short stories. I pay great attention to detail and these stories are just kind of freaky, I mean I read his Martian Chronicles a while back and that book just freaks me the fuck out.

Anywho, new collage tomorrow if i'm not hunting words in "Night." (Elie Wiesel)
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Buttered Biscuits.   
09:26pm 07/09/2004
  My neighbor "smoked" our turkey and then gave it back to us, it was pretty fucking awesome.  
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This is just a filler update   
10:36pm 03/09/2004
  This update is the beginning of a Nikulas revamp, I want to edit the formatting a bit with some technical extras and maybe a new background. This message is just to put LJ back in my head. Updating begins tomorrow. Stay Tuned.  
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Worthless whiny brats that have no cash...   
09:00pm 18/08/2004
  Yeah, so I walk into OES... this dude, probably 16 is at the counter counting quarters and dimes to pay for his skate deck. I knew exactly what I wanted..

I wanted the Lib Tech, top of the rack next to the door of the entrance. I knew that before I walked in... I grabbed it, walked to the counter, had the lady give me a pack of spitfires I dropped my 90 dollars on the counter and walked, I didn't say a word. I'm hanging out at the food court drinking and the guy comes up to me.

"Why did you have to walk in there and show me up like that? Paying with a 50? What the fuck was that... I should kick your ass for making a fool out of me like that. You must think you're so cool..."

[slurps drink]
[stands up]

"Say another word and i'll run you over..."

(People in the food court stare at me)

"Oh...tough guy eh?"


(LibTech across the face)

[slurps drink]
[walks off]

What a punk? Right? Some people are fucking morons. And I wasn't in the mood.
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Fuck ya'll I spent the day raking shingles...   
08:37pm 15/08/2004
  (Commented on Kazuo_is_death's LJ)
(I figured i'll just copy paste this into a comment)

I have about 33-47 (I forget) ..."leak-catchers" as I like to call em. I spent my sleepy time listening the 33-47 drippy drops. I woke up and my tree was laying on it's side... Since shingles enjoy blowing around in high-speed winds, I'm willing to bet all the shingles in my yard were from down the street. The streets were littered with branches, bits of paper, shingles, "sophate," limbs, and a vague resemblance of pools of blood (fucking uncle mike...) I decided to hop on my Bike and navigate through the maze of my hood. Some people were hit harder than others. But i'm that not ALL of my shingles have blown off, as some people are roofless. During night and all of Saturday the house directly next door had a hanging gutter.. Kept clanging back and forth, it was the loudest thing in the neighborhood. When my mother's friend Richard came to pick me up to work at his house I showed him the gutter. He said.. and I quote "Awwww fuck no.."

Richard then walked over to the gutter, set his 64oz Bladder Buster Gas Station Cup (Dr Pepper) on the hood of my neighbor's 89' Lincoln and proceded to twist and jerk the gutter until he ripped it off and put it in submission. Afterwords, he picked up his Bladder Buster, and moved to the truck, we then left..

Now... Richard's house was a fucking nightmare... I swear to fucking god he had a 6-foot tall dense jungle-mountain of a front-yard... His 60-foot talk Oak fell onto his neighbor's roof. But the roof is okay, because his neighbor's 3-grand radio/satellite broke the tree's fall (really.) So, we setup a ladder and decided to go to the roof. We went up thinking there was only the one huge "gash" in the top spine of the roof. We found the gash which was about 3-feet long and 1 foot deep. He had probably 3 100-300 pound branches on his roof. By the time we sawed it up and tossed it into the "jungle" there were 8 holes in his roof. Now, while we were sawing... I was using the heavy duty Home Depot 20 inch razor saw. It was badass. I could probably saw through a man's arm with two lunges.. Now... Richard.. Being the Jack-of-all-trades badass that he is, is cutting through 18-inch diameter branches with a fucking hatchet that has a 2-inch blade. He is just fucking hacking and hacking. And he was still more efficient than I was. (Which I guess isn't surprising [shrugs])

We finish up his roof and eventually plastic-ize the holes..

While we're working, Richard's neighbors (including the one with Richard's Tree on his house) initiate friendly conversation.

"So Richard, I guess the good question is when are you going to get this fucking 60-foot timber-stick off my fucking house."

Richard... quoting his insurance company..

"During a class "Catastrophe" event, if your tree falls onto thy neighbor's house, it becomes thy neighbor's tree."

Neighbor... "Ahhh fuck"

Yeah, i'm done with story-telling, Celebration is a fucking scratch on the map compared to say my Neighborhood, or Richard's Jungle...

Tomorrow I take my freshly bought chainsaw (aquiring this sucker was a funny story...) and begin 6 tree-removal jobs JP and Crazy Uncle Mike got lined up. A good opportunity to make some cash. We have this palm-tree job in our neighborhood that's going to be a fucking pain in the ass, the palm tree is leaning towards a house, and we have to cut the sucker down and make sure it doesn't you know...fall into the house... But we'll be getting 200-300 PER tree. Split... un-equally (fucking greedy parents) 4 ways... I'll be happy with 50 bucks for the day of work but if I get more...awesome...

Anyway bitches, i'll see your asses in school Wednesday+ (i'm sure they'll extend our little "vacation")

Peace out. Homez
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Hmph. Common sense please?   
09:42pm 10/08/2004
  I'm personally undecided about the presidential campaign (Go Nader and go Communism!)

I'm not anti-bush, pro-kerry or anything, personally if I had it my way, i'd bring over some retired president from China or Russia or something.

But I do have to point out Bush's lack of common sense and stupidity.

Here is a quote..

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." - George W. Bush, August 5th, 2004

It is official, i'll post the quicktime link to the footage of the exerpt above from a speech for all you people wanting verification. I am against Michael Moore but the link comes from his site. http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/index.php?id=126
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School started..   
01:35pm 07/08/2004
  10th Grade seems more promising than 9th... Mostly because I just realized how much stupidity and idiocy the 9th Grade Class contains. Yeah, well, I guess when things get better they also get worse at the same time... Because now I have to deal with being in the same environment with fat kids. And people that randomly know me, whether it be "Nick" or.. "Hey looks its that crazy guy I used to know" or "Joey's Brother" So now I have fat kids coming up to me usually between every class, before/after school... And that's "good" considering some said Fat Kids occupy several of my core classes. So I have to deal with them year-round..constantly. But then again it could be worse... Keith is no longer running amuck stabbing people in the throat with a blunt pencil. Or coming up behind me and putting me a choker until I get bored and flip him over onto the pavement. That satanic senior cult of Seagull-Murderers has graduated (if you don't know, don't ask) I do recall finding a half-murdered (still kickin' a little) Seagull in one of the bathroom's once, that was about the peak of my "freaky shit" list from last year. But that's the kind of thing that dwells on you for a while.

What else...ahh Teachers...

Mr Collins..: He's just a teacher really. Enforces his own rules and teaches, kind of teacher. I have him for Geometry everyone in there is all "academic" and shit because it's an honors class. I don't see any problems arising from him, others, or myself in that atmosphere. I took a few honors class to off-set my GPA into "Safely above 3.0" range. Because if I can't leave for lunch next year I will assassinate foreign leaders.

Dr! Mumey: I don't really understand why you Jacob, or Lucas has beef on him. He seems alright during our "meeting" on Thursday. Not too sure why I signed up for debate exactly. I guess i'll go with it and do what I have to do. But so far he's not the asshole everyone has made him out to be (supposedly) I'll let myself be the deciding judge of that.

Mrs/Sra. Boero..: World History, and Spanish, she teaches both. She has 3-4 Spanish Classes, and 2 World History. Unfortunately I am in her World History class. And she believes that since our 16-man class is composed of 11-12 Fluent Spanish Speakers that she is allowed to teach World History in Spanish. So if I cannot get a schedule change that doesn't fuck up my schedule (I like the arrangement just fine) for the reason listed above I will go crazy in that class.

Mr Sweep: Is either the most insanely weird (and I use that word loosely) English Teacher ever. Or is a complete nutbag. I'll give you a rough transcript of what he said in Class yesterday... (When you see the triple period "..." that's about a 1-second pause, they're crucial in understanding the full insaneness of this guy)

Sweep: Okay ... Class ... I'm going to be ... ... You're English II teacher ... Let's begin ... by reviewing the syllabus ... Okay!
Me: [laughs hard once]
Sweep: Hrmhm [reads the syllabus with the occasional 1-2 second pause]
Sweep: You won't be required to do a lot of ... ... work ... in this class ... If I had it ... ... "My way" ... I'd be sitting at my desk ... doing nothing ... all the while ... You ... are sitting at ... your desks ... doing ... nothing!
Sweep: I'm going to goto my ... desk now ... and do ... nothing ...

[5-minutes pass, nobody speaks a word]

Sweep: [stares at his desk during this entire 5-minute duration]
Sweep: [chuckles]
Sweep: Ha ha ... this is funny ... Hey everybody ... ... check this out!
Sweep: [blank stare]
Me and many other students: [blank stare]
Me: [Skull Implosion]
Sweep: [chuckles]

Yeah, it's insane...

Mrs Ingram: Haven't actually met her yet, we're having Mr. Kaufmann or something stand in for her for a week. He mentioned her needing to get a certificate. I'm assuiming it's either some kind of state-to-state transfer or this will be her first year teaching, I don't know what to expect. The class is Biology Honors, I guess I can be thankful I don't have a seasoned veteran bitch for a Biology Teacher (We all know who i'm talking about, if you don't then it's probably any other Biology Teacher)

Mr Munoz: Ha ha, I have Basketball 6th Period. Back in 4th Grade he lent me a book through Mrs Tritto and because of Mrs Tritto he never recieved the book back, and he got kind of sour with me. Never talked to him since, avoided him, he doesn't seem to care at this point. But it's all good.

Moeller: Spanish 2, the people in the class are going to make this class a crazy uphill journey, anyway. Should be fun.

X-Games are on.

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I got to use my computer at my Dad's GFs house   
10:08pm 24/07/2004
  It's pretty boring here, I'm listening to ACDC and Watching Iron Chef at the same thing and it's pretty badass.  
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I found this randomly on the internet...not sure what it means yet though...   
05:33pm 22/07/2004
  "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'll fuck you with a rake."


I got nothing.
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04:38pm 21/07/2004
  I just fixed a virus that used all the RAM on my comp every 15 minutes for 15 minutes but I kicked it in the nuts.  
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Oh yeah...   
02:58pm 18/07/2004
  Today i'm building a skate box, and it's sexy...(among other things [wink]) but after we're done we're going to light it on fire and then skate it till it's a pile of ashes... so yeah.  
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Yeah, so I saw that "i, Robot"   
02:54pm 18/07/2004
  Which was actually pretty fucking crazy, although it was slightly annoying because this "crowd" next to us was all like... "Ooooo ahhhhhh" When Will Smith was in his Trouser Shorts. But oh well. Will Smith is basically this racist-against-robots dude it's pretty funny actually. I'll give it a 3.2 (Above Average) but now I have to read that book.  
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12:03am 15/07/2004
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12:41am 12/07/2004
  I swear I did not alter the script of the below in any way...

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Katana
Your Favorite Target:School-children
Your Kill Count:164,047,849
Your Battle Cry:"Mutha fuckaaaaaaas!"
Years You Spend in Jail:17
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$176,779,104,264,292
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 2%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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Holy shit...   
08:07pm 11/07/2004
What would your Anime life be like? by hearthlight
Your looks:Covered in long dark clothes.
Your best friend:Evil has no friends.
Your powers:No powers. Just guns. Lots of guns.
Your beloved:Guns...
Your occupation:Bringer of death.
Your ending:Tragic...everyone dies.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
I had the freakiest nightmare lastnight...   
11:43am 08/07/2004
  I need help figuring out what it means... here goes...if the text doesn't come out right it's because I copied it out of an IM box cause I don't feel like typing it again...but anyway...

Alright, I forgot some of the details, but...
Basically, McDonalds...
They were making these Super McDonalds..
And there were 8 of these Super McDonalds...
And each one needed its own Power Plant.
And the workers were super human. When they were ringing up food it was kind of like a fat lady at a publix express lane, except on steroids...
And these Super Human Burger Boys gave fast food a new name.
And I remember this guy taking me on a tour to show how the place worked.
And underground there was this HUGE warehouse where they had freeze dried fudge and cow farms.
And the power plant's reactors were Fusion Ion Generators that needed Human Sacrifices in order to operate at maximum efficieny, and this crazy guy who ran one of these Super McDonalds, was all about efficiency, and in the dream, this dude was giving me a tour, and as we passed the hangers holding the freeze dried fudge, I picked up a chunk and took a bite (I remember it tasting good) and the guy smacked the fudge to floor and shouted out me, and then he pushed me and I fell back into this room where there was a massive mile long tunnel and through the tunnel was a line of slaves (Multi Cultural and Ethnical, I.E Blacks AND Whites) and one by one the slaves were jumping into the reactor and the guy shouted at me...and said...

"Look at what you've seen, you'll ruin Super McDonalds as we know it!" You must die!!"

Then I remember running and I turned into a room filled with beds of people hooked up to Skull Clamps, they all said to me, in unison...

"He is coming for you...!"

I turned around and the guy was there, and he grabbed and pulled me out and walked me up to this ladder where the slaves would jump into the reactor, and earlier he mentioned the reactors were "precision timed" so I came up with a brilliant idea (at the time it was brilliant.) He set me in line about 9 slaves back, and it seemed like a slave was pushed in every 2 seconds...so about 10 seconds later, when there were about 4 slaves in front I stepped back and kicked the 4 slaves in front of me into the reactor, and this butch bouncer type guy who managed the "throwing-of-the-slaves-into-the-reactor" was like...

"Look at what you've done, you'll kill us all!"

And I distinctively remember him jumping off the 12 foot high platform and opening a parachute and then running out the door screaming, so I chased him figuring he knew the way out.. but... he didn't... He just ran around like a maniac and then the entire world exploded...

[/end freaky dream]

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Note to self...   
07:31pm 05/07/2004
  The Punisher, old ladies, and polar bears don't mix.  
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Labeling and Tagging MP3s...   
10:28pm 04/07/2004
  Yeah, Labeling MP3s for organization, referance, archive purposes is a pain in the ass. Should I waste my time trying to find the years and album names and that bullshit for all 320 songs I have? I don't know. It's a pain in the ass and I have a headache so I don't care anymore. And I just remembered I stole a bunch of Aspirin from my uncle so I think i'll eat 10 aspirin (very lethal) and fall asleep.  
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09:52pm 04/07/2004
  LJ Users do have the IP address of everyone who comments on their shit, well, atleast I can see it. Just thought you should know. And oh yeah, I never did hear of anyone replying to the stuff I wrote in random journals.